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SubtitleTools is a small utility that helps modifying existing subtitles or downloading new ones based on the digital signatures of your movie files from site.



  - Integrated with speech recognition engine of windows 7+ to produce subtitles automatically.

  - Integrated with Bing's translator.

  - Converting encoding of the opened .srt file to UTF-8.

  - Synchronizing a subtitle and shifting its timespans.

  - Adjusting timespans of the opened .srt file based on the other fully synchronized .srt file.

  - Merging two .srt files.

  - Editing or deleting rows of the opened .srt file.

  - Downloading or uploading .srt files by using XML-RPC API of the


Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7;Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2;Windows Server 2008;Windows Server 2008 R2;Windows Vista Service Pack 1+;Windows XP Service Pack 3



   - Microsoft .NET Framework 4

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